When adding Phoenix BBQ grills to outdoor living spaces, the shape can give you more than visual appeal.

The Shape of Phoenix BBQ Grills

One of the great things about custom designed Phoenix BBQ grills is you can have the one on your backyard patio created to accommodate both your cooking or entertaining wishes and the available space. A totally different situation than the standard portable gas grill where mobility is more important than grilling prep space. A concept that was perfectly adequate when most people did nothing more than cooking hamburgers and steaks over the open flame.

As our use of outdoor barbeques has evolved, so has our need for better designed outdoor cooking spaces. If you entertain large groups often, full blown outdoor kitchen may be the best design direction to take. For most homeowners, the smaller BBQ island design is perfectly suited to their outdoor cooking needs.

Slip-in Phoenix BBQ grills give you a lot of room to play with the island design, and the placement of the grill in it’s length too. Picking the shape of the cabinet means you can get away from rectangles and consider the benefits of curved and even S-shape designs. Both these options soften the hard edges we normally have in permanent Phoenix landscaping elements. Additionally, they can add a lot more style to that patio than going with the expected long straight shape.

Before getting started on the project of a unique you built in gas grill’s cabinet design, you need to think about usefulness of your outdoor cooking space and whether you will want enough room for serving too. This particular stucco BBQ grill design with the curve puts objects and recipe ingredients closer to the grill as the counter wraps around the chef. Think about how fast one must react to adding the next sauce or flipping the fish while you’re preparing a meal on the barbeque. Situating the gas grill in a way that puts everything important to the task in quick and easy reach will allow you to become more adept at whipping up culinary masterpieces than if not ‘kitchen planning’ goes into the design at all. Remember there is a big difference between cooking on your stove and grilling over open flames. Excelling is accomplished more readily and consistently if you are properly equipped and prepared for each step of the cooking process, rather than scurrying around and hopefully saving the food in the nick of time.

This client of ours has different levels in the patio design’s appeal too, notice the paver steps leading up to the raised built in gas grill’s location. Not only is the BBQ grill’s cabinet and counter curved, but so is the space it occupies in their Phoenix landscape design as well. ┬áThe round raised outdoor bar connected to the grilling area of the cabinet doubles as both seating and serving space, depending on the occasion.

Consider all your needs and how to make your BBQ grill’s usefulness the perfect addition to your backyard living space and your Phoenix landscape design. Its the secret to having the perfect built in gas grill’s assets at your fingertips, rather than being disappointed once you have started using the new feature.

Why settle for a plain paver patios and the expected BBQ's shape? Get more unique with your Phoenix landscape design!