Months of brilliant flowers and soft foliage make Bird of Paradise a welcome Arizona landscape plant.

Touch of Paradise Brightens Glendale Landscape Design

Everything about this informal shrub to small landscaping tree is lovely. Whether you prefer yellow or red flowers, the Bird of Paradise is an excellent addition to any lower elevation Arizona home.

The small leaves are arranged on the branches in a manner that is reminiscent of ferns imparting greenery that is beautiful in it’s own right. This will make Bird of Paradise and enjoyable plant in any Phoenix or Glendale landscape design even in the months it isn’t blooming.

Long months of vibrant color will be present though, as the Caesalpinia pulcherrima will provide a riot of brilliant blooms from March through October. You will want to be sure to only plant Bird of Paradise in full sun for abundant flowering and to allow it to grow with the most attractive and full shape. This particular Arizona landscaping plant doesn’t look near as wonderful in a shaded location. It should never be situated on the north side of a building or tree if you are to enjoy it’s beauty completely.

For homeowners in the greater Phoenix area and Glendale, landscape design that is lush and tropical in appearance is very tempting. The more demand for ample moisture can be a drawback with some lush plants that will thrive in our desert climate though. Not so with the Bird of Paradise which only needs to be watered once a week to maintain excellent health, vigor and produce scads of gorgeous blooms. This allows it to be a low maintenance shrub or ornamental tree that many Arizona homeowners will find an asset to their outdoor living areas and curb appeal.

The Bird of Paradise will grow to be taller than it is wide with a mature presence of 6-15 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide. While it is truly a fluffy shrub in the plant kingdom, with proper shaping it can be trained into a tree form. It’s rather narrow width makes it a great selection for today’s smaller yards. Adding it to your Arizona landscape will be easy as it will tuck into a rather small space and eventually add fluffy height as it ages.

Don’t worry about summer heat here being too harsh on your Bird of Paradise. As long as it’s watered once a week while actively blooming, it will sail through the hot months and continue to be a great looking plant for your yard or patio landscaping. There is only moderate cleanup needed so don’t be shy about placing these great looking plants next to the patio, driveway or sidewalk.

Winter temperatures can cause frost damage to Bird of Paradise in Glendale landscaping. This is easily cleaned up in spring and the plant will quickly regenerate new growth as the days grow warmer. In a really harsh winter, this plant may be killed back to the ground. Not to worry though, simply cut it back and the roots will regenerate a whole new shrub for you to enjoy for months on end. Its a great addition to your Arizona xeriscape landscaping that is well maintained with light periodic irrigation.

(Image courtesy of creosoteshadow, Creative Commons.)