Outdoor living spaces in your Arizona landscaping paved with travertine fit any style and do so beautifully.

Travertine Patios Are Perfect for Peoria Landscaping

Like all other┬ácommunities around greater Pheonix, backyard Peoria landscaping almost always features a patio. While you’re looking at the options available for paving with Arizona patio designs, don’t overlook high interest – all beauty travertine stone tile.

Unlike man made pavers, there is a great deal more color variation and subtle nuances with a natural stone product. The irregularities and pitting in natural travertine tiles offer a very smooth surface for Peoria patio designs now found in flagstone paving. This is because the finish on each piece of travertine paving is smoothed as they are sliced from the large rock formations. Split face rock as you have with flagstone will never be perfectly level, but travertine will. Its the closest thing to the flat surface one gets with Arizona pavers without it being a concrete product.

Travertine paving tiles are laid the same way that patio pavers are with the base and fill sand being compacted to provide you with long lasting, beautiful paving. Travertine being a soft stone allows easy cutting to create installation patterns also not possible with concrete pavers. Not that you cannot cut paver stones, but the brick-like shape of pavers available in Arizona really only allow cutting to fit a fluid curve or make a straight edge with an offset laying pattern. Travertine pavers are available in a variety of sizes, allowing for more intricate cuts and wider variation in patio designs.

As is seen in the backyard Peoria landscaping pictured above, the patio design’s travertine pieces are much larger than those used in the walk that leads from the house to the outdoor living space’s flooring. Depending on your preferences, travertine pavers can be cut to create an intricate pattern or simple ones as was done in this Peoria landscape. Whether its a more random pattern you seek, or something more artistic, travertine makes a unique laying pattern a simple task. It does require a lot of cutting work, but renders a truly beautiful and very different patio designs than you would find just anywhere.

One of the greatest thing about travertine patio designs is the subtle and more dramatic tone variations in the stone tiles. The finished surface has miles more character than Peoria patios made from concrete pavers. The overall light coloring of travertine also deflects heat, which is a good thing in the Arizona during the summer months.

There are a lot positive and creative benefits to having Peoria patio designs made from travertine. These natural stone paver tiles are will suited for both formal and informal areas. They also make great courtyard floors and even front walkways. Anywhere the pavers don’t need to stand up to the stress of vehicle traffic or parking, travertine is an excellent paving material that will remain beautiful and low maintenance in the Valley climate.