Travertine flooring is very popular for Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona courtyard designs.

Travertine In Phoenix Courtyard Designs

Desert living has made use of courtyards for centuries as an intimate open air room. Today southwestern architecture continues to work beautifully for creating custom courtyard designs in a number of areas where there is an door for access from inside the house. Some homeowners choose to use lots of plants to frame the walls of their courtyards, and others prefer the lower maintenance and clean minimalist look.

We recently finished this Phoenix courtyard design’s installation. It is small, but very lovely in travertine stone tile enclosed by an ornate wrought iron gate and stationary side fencing. Very much in keeping with Southwestern desert style. Many homes in this part of Arizona offer just such a corner that lends itself well to a courtyard application. However, just as we find with newly built homes, if the builder included a patio, it will be nowhere near what the homeowner needs or wants. One of the most popular requests for landscape design and installation we get is for outdoor living spaces and pool decks of either pavers or natural stone tiles.

Travertine pavers are both elegant and relaxing as an outdoor flooring or paving choice for foot traffic. It would surely make sensational looking driveways, but is far too fragile to take the weight and pressure of vehicles. For sidewalks, patio and courtyard designs though, it is the perfect upscale paving material in any Scottsdale or Phoenix landscaping and outdoor living spaces. While it has an overall coloring that is light enough to deflect heat from the sun, the streaks of darker color running through it add a great deal of interest and beauty to the stone.

Phoenix courtyard designs can take on any shape you prefer. For some homeowners more privacy is desired and they have us use masonry walls to enclose the area. As with all facets of landscape design, this can be determined by the proximity of neighbors as well as the resident’s planned use for the space.