Whether adding outdoor fire pits to an existing patio or it will be a fresh Phoenix landscape design, Desert Crest creates each one to be unique.

Unique Outdoor Fire Pits for Phoenix Landscape Design

It’s a pretty common thing for stone outdoor fire pits to be found on Phoenix patios. Usually, they are round as well. Coming up with a design like that to add the welcome warmth and light of fire to your patio design doesn’t take much creativity. Arizona homeowners today though, prefer that their outdoor living spaces be unique to their home and decorating taste. This makes perfect sense really, since patio designs are and extension of the rooms within the walls of any house.

There are also only so many types of natural stone available to work with in creating outdoor fire pits to compliment Arizona patio designs. You do have a choice of having your patio’s fire pit built with concrete masonry with a stone or pavers cap, as well as having the entire element built from paver blocks. Neither of these will be really different looking from everyone else’s fire pit either.

Sometimes, when working on Phoenix landscape design for a client, there are things that one must work with that guide us on what details must be made to flow really well together. This recent customer’s installation features light colored patio elements on a dark paver patio. While putting light against dark always works well, there are times when pulling them both into one piece can really have a great dramatic effect.

You see this in the outdoor fire pit’s design in the Phoenix outdoor living space pictured above. It is built of Arizona flagstone to match the top of the seat wall and built-in BBQ grill that was part of this new patio installation. The surprising part is the mosaic that was used to incorporate the flagstone in the round fire pit. Using masonry colored to match the rich brown Phoenix pavers makes this a dramatic element that pulls all the materials used in this patio design together. It also makes the beauty of flagstone very enhanced by making all the soft color variations running through the rock very apparent.

Even when using the same construction materials available to all Phoenix landscapers, Desert Crest can still come up with new and unusual ways to apply them. We’re always creative and deliver top quality craftsmanship in all areas of Scottsdale and Phoenix landscape design. A little artistic twist goes a long way in putting together remarkable Arizona landscaping for discerning clients like ours.