Confined spaces like courtyard masonry walls make a great place for beautiful flowering vines.

Vertical Landscaping in Paradise Valley

Courtyard walls and privacy walls are great to gain seclusion while enjoying Arizona outdoor living rooms. Yet an unbroken expanse of masonry can leave you feeling like you are relaxing inside a box. One of the first things anyone seeks is to soften or break up the blank spans with hardy shrubs and trees or cacti. In a small enclosed area though, your courtyard landscaping in Paradise Valley will leave you with more limits in plant choices. Flowering vines are the perfect solution to conserving space while adding welcome greenery and blooms.

Passionflower vines are an excellent choice for vertical landscaping in Paradise Valley where your masonry walls have sun exposure most of the day. While this family of hardy plants has 500 different members, the best on to grow in your Desert Hills landscaping is the selection known as Passiflora foetida v. longipedunculata or Baja Passion Flower.

You will see some stunning bloom colors on other varieties of the Passiflora vine, some of them in hues and arrangements that surpass realistic appearance. Unfortunately, they will not tolerate the climate here in the greater Phoenix area. The Baja cultivar will do very well here and is hardy to 20 degrees, so you won’t have to worry that a winter cold snap will damage or kill off your courtyard wall’s landscaping.

This passionflower vine is right at home in our arid soil, and has very low moisture requirements to thrive and become an important focal point plant in your Paradise Valley landscaping. The blooms are soft and very delicate looking in white to pale cream touched with a lovely pink for added depth and interest. They are smaller than some of the really vibrant passionflower blooms, but will be borne in nice abundance once the vine is established and begins filling out well.

An interesting shape somewhat like ivy is found in the foliage, so it is handsome even when not in flower. Blooming on the Baja Passionflower vine takes place from August to November gives you a long spell of lovely color from a low maintenance, low litter plant. It is semi-evergreen and will only defoliate when temperatures dip below freezing.

Don’t confuse this selection with the variety that we get Passion Fruit from. It does bear fruit but is best left for the birds to enjoy. Butterflies love this great Arizona landscaping vine, so you’ll have extra color while it is in bloom. Additionally, any insect that should attempt to attack this plant will soon be squelched naturally. Passiflora is a bug predator like a fly trap plant, and no insect that aims to do it harm is allowed to escape.

All in all, an enjoyable addition to your courtyard landscaping and even patio landscaping in Paradise Valley or any other area around greater Phoenix. It makes a lovely statement on darker colors of stonework, adobe or brick walls with its gray green foliage and white flowers.

Photo courtesy of brewbrooks – creative commons.