Concrete walkways are all wrong for xeriscaping in Arizona. Here your best look will always be Phoenix pavers or natural flagstone.

Walk This Way – Glendale Landscaping

There is elaborate landscaping in Glendale and the towns surrounding Phoenix, and then there is a more subtle approach to welcoming the world to your front door. While many in the area prefer that lush green lawn and many leafy flowering plants in an opposition to our desert reality, there are those homeowners who prefer a xeriscape over suggesting this house stands in the verdant Midwest. Neither of these approaches are wrong by the way, its a matter of personal taste and opinion.

One thing that does make a huge difference in the attractiveness of xeriscaping landscaping in the front yard is the choice of sidewalk material, and the shape of this major walkway. Without the heavy green expanse of lawn areas and layers of greenery found in traditional landscape designs in other regions, it gets more difficult to sneak by with the standard builder’s concrete sidewalk. Why? Imagine this Glendale landscaping without the color and textural interest of the Phoenix pavers sidewalk. It would lose a huge portion of its curb appeal.

There are very subtle accents in this landscape design that frame this lovely paver walk way and give just the right amount of leaf and color to soften the walls of the house. Granted, over time, the xeriscaping plants used in this front yard will increase in size and mass, but will never take over the space completely. The landscaping rock that is such a fantastic combination with the color of the home’s masonry will always be visible.

In deciding what pavers would work best with any color of house, most people concentrate on what they see close up in individual blocks. However, no one will ever lay down in the sidewalk to inspect the pavers this closely once they are installed. When you have a mass of the block laid out on the ground, the whole look of them changes. You see more variety in color and texture directly in front of you than you do at a short distance where these blend and take on a totally different look. Notice this in the image that accompanies today’s post? The yellow you see at the curb blends in with the brown in this selection of Phoenix pavers giving off a color that you can’t see right in front of you. It is this blend that really makes the walk way really work with the color of the house.

Many would steer completely away from yellow as the right accent color to use in their Pheonix or Glendale landscaping with a masonry color like this on the walls of the home. The first notion is to use something more like red or orange due to the warm tone of the stucco. As you can see, the yellow is excellent, very vibrant and lively, making this xeriscaping have wonderful curb appeal. The lighter value of the Phoenix pavers walk draws so much more interest out of the contrasting landscaping stone and gives the desert plants in the arrangement carry far more impact than they would with a more subtle colored walk way.