For homes around Scottsdale and Phoenix, pavers make the greatest looking sidewalks.

Walkways Around Phoenix – Pavers Are Best

If you’re going to have a sidewalk in any yard, it will be the path that leads to the front door without question. While some homes have other walkways to the backyard or patio, no matter how humble… every Arizona home has a front walk. Remodeling a sidewalk used to mean you had new concrete installed. For today’s homeowner in the areas in or around Phoenix, pavers have changed sidewalk utility to versatility and beauty.

It isn’t just the ability to have a paved surface that mimics cut stone that makes pavers so popular. In cold climates the many joints and engineered base of these preformed concrete units mean never having to repair unsightly cracks in sidewalks, driveways and patios. We don’t have permafrost that sets into the ground here in Arizona, but the long lasting and never diminishing quality of paving stones still present us with incredible value and low maintenance surfaces.

Not long ago, the straight and narrow sidewalks that lead to the front door were acceptable. Most Arizona homeowners today prefer a unique paved approach to their home’s entry.  The really nifty thing about Phoenix pavers is they give you many options even in a small space. You don’t have to have the same look as every other residence on the street or in your development. This is especially an issue in condominium developments where all the homes will be very repetitive in design.

How do you make a traditional sidewalk interesting with plain, utilitarian poured concrete? It can be done, but requires extra work in forms and not all concrete contractors care to mess with the intricacies. Additionally, it would take a lot more days to create a sidewalk like the one in this post’s photo with poured concrete than it does with paving stones. Nothing has to set and cure when you have a paved surface made from Phoenix pavers. Once the top fill between the units is compacted its ready for use of any type or weight.

Designing sidewalks today means your Arizona home can have all kinds of interesting shapes. It can be wide and sweeping, meandering or geometrically dramatic. No one wants steps in sets anymore and Phoenix pavers allow for graceful curves, scattered steps and just about any other variation you could want. They come in a variety of colors and also can be laid in many different patterns.

Consider how the average poured concrete sidewalk would be formed in a front yard as narrow and close to the street as the home above. There’s no space here for a sweep or curve, yet working with paving stones, Desert Crest was able to make this small front sidewalk makeover very pleasing to the eye. It is still short and straight shot to the front door. Yet, it has lots of style and interest not possible with poured concrete. The finished look of this curb appeal landscape design adds great depth where none is normally found in such a narrow swath of ground.

You can get a lot more creative with hardscape elements in your landscape than many people imagine. First though, someone has to have an original idea and the knowledge to engineer it and make it a feasible reality. Working with a contractor whose landscape design and installation skills cover all facets of hardscape makes getting more than just a standard sidewalk easy. Anyone can lay Phoenix pavers, but it takes great creativity and good hands on experience to come up with something uniquely beautiful in difficult spaces.