Traditional courtyard water features, Arizona homeowners still enjoy today with lovely courtyard fountains.

Water Features: Arizona Outdoor Living Rooms

Water is the most magical element of nature.

Water cools the air and brings life from the soil. It embraces the sun and adds music to the air in movement.

It isn’t one bit surprising that water features like the courtyard fountain and waterfalls are in big demand for Arizona outdoor living rooms.

The mild climate around the Phoenix area, allows us to enjoy the beauty of moving water and relaxing outdoors year around.

Creating different tones with water movement.

The difference in mood between trickling music of courtyard fountains to the singing sound of a babbling brook is something that a good Phoenix water features designer will know. Creating the right mood and background music for your outdoor living patio or stone floored courtyard is important. Since Arizona waterscaping tends to be small as opposed to other areas of the country, having waterfalls music that is too loud, will most likely never be a problem. However, the placing of your water feature should be given thorough consideration, especially in the larger space of patio designs. You will want to get the most enjoyment from the sound in all seating or activity areas. Many outdoor living area waterfalls today are added to the pool deck that is adjacent to the patio.

Enhancing the attributes of water features with the addition of fiber optic lighting adds new dimension to your Phoenix landscape design and outdoor living rooms. There is nothing quite like the cooling, soothing benefits of a courtyard fountain or patio waterfalls feature in your Arizona landscaping.

Waterfalls to water fountains, there is a design to compliment every taste.

The glazed, dark pedestal basin in this particular pale travertine courtyard adds drama along with the cooling sound. of flowing water. Designing the courtyard flooring to be light and reflect the heat is a smart choice in Arizona landscape design. Selecting a light colored courtyard fountain would not give the central focal point this pairing does. Some Phoenix area homeowners would choose water features that recede visually, while others want their courtyard fountain or waterfalls to stand out and become an ornament that commands attention. No matter what landscape design taste you have, Desert Crest will be able to design the perfect waterscaping or water feature to suite you and your home to a tee.