What Do Your Think of Your Scottsdale or Phoenix Landscaping?

Over the past couple of years, we’ve shared a lot of information about all facets of desert landscaping in Arizona. Several thousand people visit our blog every month and many of them are from the Scottsdale – Phoenix area, or own winter homes here. Everyone of our local visitors is searching for something that could enhance their Scottsdale or Phoenix landscaping.

From some residents around the area we socialize with, or meet as clients for landscape design, we get a lot of feedback about what they like (or don’t like) about their current Arizona landscaping. We thought it would be interesting to hear how a larger portion of people feel about their outdoor spaces.

We know people from around the world are drawn to our images of all sorts of landscaping features. Patios, shade and different types of drought tolerant or desert plants seem to be most important to the majority of our visitors. We’ve supplied tons of facts and a great deal of information about plants that thrive with low maintenance and low moisture. The first is desirable for every homeowner, and the second is just a natural part of the climate here.

Here’s your opportunity to sound off on what’s good and what’s bad – what you need or wish you had in the landscaping around your Arizona home. Feel free to ask questions, Desert Crest will respond to every one.  What we’re really looking forward to though, is hearing what people think of their Scottsdale landscaping and Phoenix landscaping and how they would like it improved.

Consider this a poll about what you really want Arizona landscape design without regimented check boxes and a set group of questions to answer. Go ahead – put in your two cents. We’re all ears.