Fabulous blue blooms all summer long from Guayacon for landscape design, Glendale, Arizona homeowner.

Xeriscaping Beauty Increases with Drip Irrigation

No matter what region you live in, landscape design is meant to beautify your residential real estate and enrich your lifestyle with color and interest all seasons of the year. Many plants used in xeriscaping landscaping here in the communities around Phoenix can be so much more with some light moisture assistance from drip irrigation. You will enjoy lusher growth and far more blooming if your xeriscape plants are not left in mere survival mode.

Take the Guayacon shrub for instance. This is a rugged plant that is native to the stony slopes of New Mexico and an endemic plant of Mexico proper. It is highly drought tolerant and thrives very well through the searing heat of our Arizona summers. It does droop somewhat during cold weather and drought, but is an excellent candidate rich in character for great looking xeriscaping designs.

The formal name for this slow growing, large bush to small tree is Guaiacum coulteri, which is where its most common name of Guayacon comes from. It has wonderful gnarly texture to its woody branches as it ages, as well as dark bark that sets off the fine textured green foliage very nicely. It is very dependable in our dry arid climate, but will be stunning with drip irrigation. While most people must wait until rainfall to witness the gorgeous blue flowers to appear, with light and consistent moisture, your Guayacon plants will bloom from April to September. The shrubs will also be far more lovely in your yard when they have a sufficient supply of water.

While in optimum conditions, the Guayacon could someday reach up to 25 feet tall and every bit that wide, it is doubtful that you would see this happen in your landscaping in Glendale, Pheonix or Cave Creek, Arizona. With so little rainfall in summer and cold spells that dip below freezing in winter, this fascinating cobalt blue flowering shrub will most likely not exceed about 10 feet high and wide. This makes it a great inclusion in Arizona landscape designs for even the smaller home properties.

Like many plants popular to landscape design in this region of Arizona, Guayacon will grow and fill faster when you add drip irrigation and ensure that the soil it is planted in has great drainage. To make the most of water conservation with a drip system, it is best to amend any type of soil we have to allow good drainage yet retain moisture at the plant’s roots. This is just one of the reasons that having your xeriscaping landscaping installed by Desert Crest is a wise choice. We have in depth knowledge of situating your plants to enable them to be most robust and colorful.

It doesn’t take huge quantities of precious water to give your home the most beautiful landscaping possible. Arizona landscape design that does not include lawns will be very water wise under drip irrigation, as well as being very low maintenance. No matter how acclimated your xeriscaping plants are to our harsh, natural conditions – your real estate should not be the place where it is survival for the fittest. This approach to increasing your property’s value is backwards, and can cause you to have to invest far more money into your desert yard than you would without a properly designed drip irrigation system.