The best Phoenix or Peoria, AZ landscapers understand color and mass frame a home, not hide it.

Xeriscaping Landscaping: Design to Frame Your Arizona Home

Most homeowners, in any climate, see their landscaping as yard decorating. Yes, it does add color and texture, but the right way to design a yard involves much more than that.

The process gets more challenging for Arizona homes than other areas of the country. Still xeriscaping landscaping plants offer the right elements to properly frame and soften a residential structure. Whether you live in Phoenix or Peoria, AZ – landscapers who understand the right applications for height and mass will create the most visually exciting yards.

This particular home has wonderful curb appeal in the use of color in the xeriscaping design. The natural stone walk leading to the front door has sweep and curve so much more welcoming than that straight concrete walk most homes are equipped with when built. The path to this home’s front entry is easily located with the properly placed height of the Cardon Grande Cactus framing the passage way. These tall columnar specimens bring this Arizona home’s front landscape design to a crescendo, with all other plants featured remaining shorter even as the plantings mature.

While more height is used on each side, it will not reach the same lofty stature as these upright cacti. Nor will these succulents attain the heavy, solid mass that the much thinner Cardon Grande already possesses. The purpose of any landscape design is not to hide the building it surrounds, but to frame the view of it from beyond and soften the walls and carpet the areas between the tallest plants with color and texture. This design rule has been followed here very well. The outcome is perfect and beautifully the appeal of this great looking home.

The warm hues in the natural stone walk are echoed by the use of red blooming xeriscape shrubs and succulents. Adding the yellows of the Golden Barrel Cactus and other low lying plants adds vibrancy to this xeriscaping design that it wouldn’t have without them. These popular little cacti enhance the framing of the stone walk to the door even more, drawing the eye straight to the entry.

Additionally, the use of large landscaping rocks and boulders increases the impact of the low growing xeriscape plants. Were there now big rocks present, the amount of textural presence would be nil, causing this xeriscaping landscaping to be quite flat looking.

Removing any one element from this Arizona home’s curb appeal planting would deplete its visually striking presence. Choosing the right Phoenix or Peoria, AZ landscapers is important to how pleasing your xeriscape design will be. It must increase in age without losing its use of mass, form and framing. The best landscape designers will be those who know the plants extremely well and be able to see the finished planting in front of your home. This is what ultimately makes the difference between boring and beautiful curb appeal.