Stunning xeriscaping is perfect for Phoenix landscape design front entry - Phoenix, AZ

Xeriscaping … Not Zero-scaping

Many people think that with xeriscaping there is no need for any more water than what may come with the rain. The word ‘xeri’ comes from the Greek word ‘xeric’, meaning “adjective of, pertaining to or adapted to a dry environment”. Adapting is not the same as torture and strife. No ornamental plants, even those suited for our Arizona desert plains climate will thrive and look lovely without any care at all. If they did, the desert would be stunning. Only the wild areas of undeveloped desert are suited for zero-scaping.

Plants used in Arizona xeriscaping do require some irrigation, just not huge amounts like other landscaping methods. All homeowners want a yard that looks at its best and is thriving, this is the desirable result to having the property landscaped. Professional xeriscape landscape design includes trees and shrubs well suited to the harsh climate changes of the Arizona desert. A talented xeriscape landscape designer understands that cacti and succulents are used as a natural compliment to woody landscape plants that adapt to the local conditions.

Just because this is the desert region does not mean you cannot enjoy colorful blooms, there are many, many beautiful flowers that work well in the desert. Among them are vines for scaling the courtyard walls so popular in southwestern home designs. Against stucco or stone structures, the brilliant Bougainvillea or softly yellow Lady Banks Rose is wonderful. Even here in the dry Arizona climate, colorful perennials and annual flowers thrive nicely in xeriscaping. Beautiful blooms in rich purples and reds add depth to the xeriscaped yard, while the desert plants flowering yellow or white will lighten and brighten the space. Lovely ornamental grasses known for low maintenance are also part of the well-designed Phoenix landscape.

Professional xeriscaping is designed to work with Arizona’s climate, saving you money and time when you’re not at war with nature. Many a beautiful planting can be created from the selection of plants that are hardy in the Arizona desert landscape. Skillful placement of natural rock and stone xeriscape_beautyallows the xeriscaped yard a presence at one with the surrounding countryside. Your Phoenix landscape will be enjoyable, less costly to maintain and take up far less of your valuable time with xeriscaping around your home.